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Clarity on the Web

Posted by: Jason Smith on 2/11/2011
As I sit and work on digital business plans and website design concepts for customers I am again struck by the importance of clarity.  That seems like a very obvious statement but sometimes the obvious is what we have to be reminded of on a regular basis.  

So how do we clarify on our websites?  
1.  Plan ahead of time.  At Optimal iQ we work through some simple but comprehensive planning documents to make sure we understand what we are building.  If you don’t have a planning process contact us and we can give you some suggestions.  
2.  Add video.  Sometimes one short video explains more than pages of text.  We have seen video multiply sales of products when properly displayed with video.  
3.  Use well developed graphics or process explanations.  A good example of a company who makes a living doing this is Common Craft.

As you proceed talk to customers and potential customers to test your work.  If they don’t understand you have not clarified enough. 
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