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Plan Long Term But Execute Short Term

Posted by: Jason Smith on 1/24/2011

With every website or digital marketing initiative that I am involved in it becomes more apparent that putting a good long term plan in place is very important.  A company or team needs to commit to 12-18 month goals that allow for a focused effort and time for strategies to take shape.  If that is not done it is easy for two things to happen:

First,  the people involved with website maintenance on a day to day basis to become overrun with immediate requests and emergencies.  With a good plan in place emergencies often tapper off.  

Second, a website is launched and then left to stagnate on the web.  Without a good plan in place busy people often don’t put the time into using their web presence to its full potential.  

I recommend putting a clear plan in place and meeting as a team to review it, look at performance statistics and make needed revisions every 6 months.  

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