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Quick Response Codes Allow for Quick Transfer of Information

Posted by: Jason Smith on 1/10/2011

You may have started noticing small square symbols showing up in print articles.  Some are black and white and others include colored shapes.  These are are called Quick Response codes or QR codes.  They are used to push instant information on a topic, coupons, movie trailers, and more through a simple scan or snapshot with a mobile device

Here is a link to a CBC article that explains more about the QR codes and uses oversees.  These have become prolific in Europe and Japan and I think we will start seeing much more of them in the US.  


What do QR codes mean for website design and marketing?

In discussing QR codes with the Optimal iQ team the question came up – How can QR codes help our U.S. based or Texas website design customers?  It actually could mean a lot for our client base.  Because many of our client companies existed before the internet they still have a lot of legacy content and marketing processes that sit offline.  We are helping many of them shift marketing efforts online but still need to make sure website connections to the traditional world are done well.  QR codes simplify getting digital info into the hands of customers who are reading a printed industry publication or looking at a poster while walking a trade show floor.  Instead of hoping customers remember a url they can scan a QR code on a printed piece and be pushed instant information.  This can also go the other direction; from a website customers could scan a QR code on the screen and receive a download of material to a handheld device so they now have it on the go. This bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.


One Optimal iQ specialty is website development for equipment dealers. These types of technologies help bridge the virtual and physical gap well for equipment dealers.   One practical way this could be used for an equipment dealer website is the pushing of parts or service manuals to a mobile device. Construction managers have told us that they manage business from the cab of their truck while on the go or in the field.  Before they leave the office they could scan the QR code for a parts manual off the website and have it sitting on their mobile device while out in the field if a service emergency comes up.  

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