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Suggested Staff Position - Website Analytics & SEO Manager

Posted by: Jason Smith on 12/13/2010

If I were to rank order the attention given to website marketing tasks by most companies, search engine optimization and website analytics would fall toward the bottom of the attention list.  Ironically,  almost everyone we talk to has good intentions of executing SEO and analytics reporting.  In fact, these are typically discussed with more zeal in meetings than other website marketing topics.  Why is this the case? 

Here are a few reasons to explain this phenomena and a suggested solution: 

First, many businesses don’t have a slot in their corporate structure that either SEO or analytics fall into.  These things didn’t exist five or ten years ago and still have not found a place at the table in the executive strategy meetings.

Second, they are things that happen behind the scenes.  Behind the scenes details often get cut out when budgets or timelines get squeezed.  If your CEO types in your sites URL and 10% of the pages are "Under Construction" that is bad.  If your CEO types in the url and everything looks great expect the Meta Data is not in place…she may not even know.  

Third, the pace a which many marketing departments are being asked to work doesn’t track at the same velocity as SEO and analytics.  SEO and analytics are most valuable at a methodical and steady pace of taking time to run, review, revise and test.  With tight budgets and timelines marketing departments are not often afforded the "luxury" of stopping and truly looking at the results of their work.  

Fourth, most marketing department budgets don’t have much allotted for search engine optimization or website analytics.  

So, my suggestion is to combine SEO and analytics into one job description and give a qualified individual freedom and responsibility to push forward with both.  Both SEO and website analytics require a knowledge of page structure, understanding web traffic patterns, interpretation of data and testing.  It also requires one person to bring two low profile marketing areas into plain view since that is all they will be judged on.     

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