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ChromeBook - The Future?

Posted by: Jason Smith on 5/12/2011
Google announced this week (5/11/11) that their Chrome OS notebooks will be available.  This is the next major step for the industry to having a new viable operating system option – an OS in the cloud.   Right now as operating systems go we have Apple and Microsoft.  If we look at this as a political race we have two strong candidates.  One is cooler and hipper and the other is established and an industry veteran.  The Google OS is the third party that has entered to stir up the race.  It has been interesting to watch the comments from the established camps to see how they react to the new entry.  Some have flamed it before trying one, others say that the iPad 2 still looks better so it must be the best option and others are excited about the low price point.  
Time will tell how much of an impact this will be but I am excited about the new competition.  
You can read more about the features of the new Chrome OS here.  http://www.google.com/chromebook/
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