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Posted by: Jason Smith on 4/11/2011 | 0 Comments
At a previous organization I worked at we used to commonly refer to "Failing Fast and Failing Cheap" as we incubated new ideas.  I ran across the article below with a slightly different twist on that concept.  I think I might like this one better.  "Fail Bigger Cheaper".  Here is a link to the full article:

Fail Bigger Cheaper: A Three Word Manifesto - http://blogs.hbr.org/haque/2011/03/fail_bigger_cheaper_a_three_wo.html
Posted by: Jason Smith on 4/8/2011 | 0 Comments
If you read many business publications you may have noticed that the term "innovation" is showing up on a more regular basis.  A common belief seems to have emerged that innovation can't stand apart from technology development.  Michael Schrage has a great blog post in the Harvard Business Review that warns readers of the folly of innovation snobbery.  I have pasted an excerpt below followed by a link to the full article, enjoy: 

Do you believe silicon chips are superior to potato chips? That Amazon and Gilt Groupe are inherently more entrepreneurial than Wal-Mart or Tesco? That McDonald's or Pret a Manger is less open to disruptive innovation than El Bulli? If you believe any, or all, of those things, then you're not a business sophisticate, you're an innovation snob. For shame. Be warned: uppity attitudes undermine companies and careers.