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Posted by: Jason Smith on 4/15/2011 | 0 Comments
Below is a link to a great article about the disconnect that still exists in many organizations between traditional and interactive marketing divisions and subsequently, companies and consumers.  
The good news is that many marketers are starting to realize this and are providing suggestions for improvement.  

Here are a couple good take-aways from the article: 
1.  Strategically we need to think about marketing on the web and on mobile devices as simply "Marketing" and not a silo called eMarketing.  Silo's create a difficulty in providing a cohesive interaction across all channels for your customers.  Cohesive cross channel interaction is something consumers desperately crave and expect. 
2.  We are now getting better information and ways to create these cohesive interactions customers want.  In the article, Forrester presents a solutions they call C.O.R.E, Customize, Optimize, Respond and Empower.  There are a lot of great ways to do this through analytics, dynamic content, feedback loops and research studies.  A great source for completing studies such as this through the VI "Value Innovation" process.  A colleague of mine leads these studies with great success.  If you would like more information on this contact me and I can make an introduction.