Since we launched Optimal iQ as a web analytics firm in 2001 our work has evolved from just measuring data to a much broader understanding of what it takes to really compete in this new digital age. We have become a business advisory and execution management firm that helps companies integrate their business strategy into the digital world.

What makes us unique is that we come at the subject of digital business from many years in the traditional marketing business world, as well as the IT side. We know what it takes to compete and win: Profit and decisive competitive advantage.

At Optimal iQ we like to work in the tension between the digital and physical worlds to help our customers sell more and grow their businesses. All the time being sensitive to the fact that many companies need time to adapt cultures and beliefs to accommodate the web. This means that when we are working on a project we look at all aspects of our client's business to understand the proper direction for their strategy. We don't look down our nose at traditional sales teams; we work to make their job easier by using digital channels.